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The wrathful God

The idea of God as a judge (and therefore a God of wrath) has come to a head in the person of Jesus. His life is like a conversation, with the Pharisees being very upset that He says He speaks … Continue reading

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Our Vows

Before my wife, Christy-Joy, and I we got married we spoke a lot about our vows. We spoke about what we can, and cannot promise each other. We spoke about what we would want to hold on to through the … Continue reading

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Life, near-death and death

Yesterday, a friend told me about a vast study on near-death experiences. One thing that all of the experiences had in common was meeting a being of love clad in light. The being would ask them, without any form of … Continue reading

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A thought on road rage and healing justice

I was driving to Stellenbosch the other day and as I turned onto the highway, on the on-ramp there was a taxi parked with its hazards on and a warning triangle out. This meant we didn’t have the normal run … Continue reading

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The truth about being biblical

There are over 40000 different denominations in Christianity, and although this statistic has some overlap between countries, it is still staggering. Wikipedia has a list of some of them . (Interestingly I cannot find my own little pigeon hole on … Continue reading

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Knowing and not knowing the Father

Matthew 11:27 is one of my favourite verses in the Bible. Jesus says “No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.” … Continue reading

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Our Father

I have discussed understanding the Trinity a lot on my blog. Understanding God as Father, Son and Spirit means that the singular term “God” refers more to a space where communion is celebrated, than any single person in the communion, … Continue reading

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