Less of me and more of Him

You hear people saying it quite often. We hear it in worship songs all the time: “less of me, more of You”.

A friend of mine recently made a beautiful casserole dish in pottery. She was so proud of it. While she was taking pictures of it to send to her mom, I went up to her and said “less of this dish and more of you”. She looked at me confused. What an odd thing to say. Her very act of creating the casserole dish was saying rather loudly “more of the dish”.

Further the dish is an expression of her creativity. That means “more of the dish”, is in some sense actually “more of her”. Everything that is good about the dish, originated inside her. The dish’s glory is her glory.

But what about John the Baptist?

He must become greater; I must become less. – John 3:30

Context is important. When John the Baptist spoke these words, Jesus first started his ministry and people didn’t know about Him, but John was quite famous. So John is talking about relative fame in this verse. Even then John’s ministry was about preparing the way for Jesus, so his fame wasn’t actually detracting from Jesus’, but adding to it.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. – Matthew 5:15

As St Irenaeus rightly said: “the glory of God is man fully alive”.

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3 Responses to Less of me and more of Him

  1. Katy says:

    I love this topic as it’s been one that I have really ‘chewed’ on.

    Words like ‘less of me’, ‘deny yourself’ nearly strangled the life out of me and I started to call out to the Father for help .

    I would love to know your thoughts as the words are in scripture and yet I agree it translation and context and our western non dual thinking that gets us into knots.

    My current thinking is, what if that casserole dish had a rotting chicken in it and it could be replaced with a hearty life giving chicken casserole.

    I know we are more complex than a casserole dish but I was confusing flesh and body as the sane symbol . And the generalisation of less of me to be the entirety of me, in which case I feel like I don’t exist… Definately something very wrong there !

    I believe the Holy Spirit enlightened me and is still assuring me as I so convinced myself I had to ‘ die’ to my existence when what I need to be less of is all that rotting stuff, the lies , the brokenness, the puffed up pride , the low self esteem , even the idea that I have to be less is what needs to emptied out so the Truth can displace all the muck, the ‘flesh’.

    Being female , we tend to be very concious if our bodies, and even though I am very certain our hearts are more important surely our creator loves His creation and it’s containers ( our bodies ) . I reckon he sees us perfect, we are in Christ, no blemish, no deformity . I think I was confused the flesh was my body and I was trying to deny it and becoming sick. I hated my body and then when I read the scripture ‘ for no one ever hated his own body…’ I thought something in my understanding is wrong . Firstly flesh , must be a symbol for that which is not the body, it could be that part as I mentioned earlier in the casserole dish, the putrifying ‘flesh ‘ the stuff inside us that is not good for us, the false ideologies, hurts, bitterness, jealousies, greed, lusts even self hate which is the what I had confused with ‘less of me’ is what I understood to squash that beautiful casserole dish , chip it away, hit it with a hammer until it cracked and my soul leaked out , and if the Holy Spirit lives in me and I torture myself am I toeturing the one who lives in me.

    Why it doesn’t say , empty yourself of all that is false and rotting and making you sick, I don’t know… Because I feel that is what the Holy Spirit prompts me.

    I know many people hate their bodies and so the scripture for no man ever hated his own body, must be something that is teaching a concept not a absolute truth. Again I take things so seriously.

    Brokenness complete , pops into my head … If there was nothing of me than who am I .

    I have a picture of my wonky spine, my warped thoughts all my broken parts if being human is perfect and complete in Christ.

    I’m fully alive in Him, and I believe in the spiritual realm I’m perfect in Him, body, mind and soul and as I use the Authority I have in Him I speak this into being. As it is in heaven Father, I trade my brokenness , my fear, my illness.

    Now that is what I think the less of means ‘ the false me,’ the flesh’ is that which changed when we could no longer dwell in the garden of Eden’.its not our bodies or minds or soul in totality, it’s the sin, distortions , maybe genetic mutation and false theology is what needs to be less in me.

    I also am absolutely aware I may be wrong and that is why I love walking in the garden with this group, to talk about it, to check if this is Truth speaking .

    I still have doubts which I smile at when I type this as I feel the Father prompt me and say , yes precious one , less of those doubts more of my Love and Truth.

    He loves the casserole dish, he sees it perfect even if it gets chipped and worn out over time , it’s the rotting stuff that needs to be washed out in the casserole dish so there can be more of what is good and healthy for us.

    I am sure in aramic there may have been more cultural and contextual understanding for the words self, what if we spoke of true self vs false self , and flesh as a symbol for the rotting lies and festering of fear then I would want that to be less in me. Where it exists is a mystery , it’s body mind and spirit . DNA , upbringing, years if thinking patterns making super highways in our nerves, we would all commit suicude to get rid of it so it surely is a metaphor of explaining a very complex and miraculous mystery .

    I was so offended just last week, I went to a church meeting and the worship leader kept singing less of me/us more of You. And then it was a revelation, the words fell on prepared soil and I no longer chocked . Yes, I joined in the call and added my will to the concerto because I saw it, I understood the less of me is not less of my identity , not pushing myself into non existence but giving my Father my fears, my hate ( even of myself) my anger… less of me in that context makes me sing and dance and more of Him, His perfection in me, His perfect love , his truth makes each cell glow, each thought connect to the The Vine.

    The next question I would so live to walk together with is , if I am not separate in Christ, if Jesus lives in me then why do I still have the risk of deception , illness, unhealthy thoughts /emotions. I must still be on earth and still have the joy and curse if choice and the knowledge of good and evil….another story to talk about .

    Would love to know others thoughts and really challenge me as it’s easy to write this but do I truly believe it. My training still makes me think I should deny the casserole dish and smash it… lies! … XXX

    • Thinus says:

      Hey Katy,

      I agree with you, I do think there is still a death to self, I think it looks very different to what we’ve made it. Not a degrading of a person, but a death to the lie of seperation. It is not a person that needs to die, but the idea of a person being able to live in isolation, seperate from union with God.

      No more “I think, therefore I am”, rather “I am loved, therefore I am”. Effectively erasing the boundaries of what you define as “self”.

      Anyway, I’ll need to put more thought into this.

      I’ll add you on facebook and then I’ll introduce you to people and places where you can discuss these ideas. 🙂

      • Katy says:

        I would love that :-). A tendency to think black and white and be very serious has made me use scripture in a very self condemming way so much so my hubbie asked me to stop reading the Bible for a while.

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