“I want to show you something” she said. I don’t know who she is, but her voice felt like a breeze. It made me happy, but I don’t know why. “Okay” I replied.

There was a door in front of me, I didn’t notice it before. We walked through it and on the other side was a table stacked with cold meats, cheeses, bread, wine and fruit. Three people were sitting at the table. Two men and a woman. The two men looked a lot like each other, but one was a bit older. The woman was my hostess, now sitting at the table. Strange I didn’t see her moving. They were laughing about something the younger man said and it looked like they didn’t notice me at first.

She said into my ear “this is Jesus” gesturing to the younger man. Apparently she was still next to me. Jesus turned to me. “Hi” I said. He looked at me with interest, smiled and said “this is my Father and you’ve already met the Spirit.”

“Hi.” I gave a little wave. It seemed appropriate at the time. The Father smiled.

“I brought you here to show you who God is. It is rather important” she said. “Who do you think is God?” I was a little dumbstruck. The fact that there were three people in front of me confused me. Seeing my hesitance she said “don’t worry, we don’t expect you to get it right. That’s why you are here.”

“The Father” I said, “or all three of you.” A moment passed and I said “no wait, there is only one God.” “Well you’re actually close to right, Father is God, Jesus is God and I am God, but there is only one God.” the Spirit said.

Seeing my confusion Jesus said “the problem is that you are looking at the three of us and missing the fellowship.” He pause and then said “this is God”, apparently gesturing to the food on the table. I looked at Him sheepishly. “This”, He grabbed the table. “The table?” I asked. “Yes!”

“God is love” the Spirit said. “Love is not a personality in itself, but flows between persons. When you use the word ‘God’ you are actually referring to the space between us. ‘God’ is the family, we are the members.”

The thought was new to me. I gave it a moment and then said “wow, that’s beautiful”. “And important!” Jesus said.

“Why is it important?” as I said it, I realized how selfish it sounds. “Because you are included” the Spirit said. “Included?” “Yes, if ‘God’ was a person and not a space then…” The Father, who had been quiet, interrupted her by raising his hand. He leaned forward, pulled out a chair at the table and said “have a seat.”

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4 Responses to Table

  1. Thinus says:

    In Christianity, God is not a static thing—not even a person—but a dynamic, pulsating activity, a life, almost a kind of drama. Almost, if you will not think me irreverent, a kind of dance. – C. S. Lewis

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Thinus,

    I’m so delighted to be walking in this garden with you and Christy-Joy.

    Your thoughts resonate so perfectly with mine and my hope is affirmed .

    I’m in great suffering at this moment and I’m frightened and hopeful in the sane breath.

    I am amazed that in Genesis in the original Hebrew , God created the … Is directly interpreted as Elohims. Some have perceived this as Gods, many gods. It is understood by Jewish culture that God is plural, omnipotent.

    I believe what you have been writing about, God is the relationship , not bound to the body, the spirit or persona but everything inclusive and inbetween .

    The ‘table ‘, the ‘dance’, the Elohims.

    Not am I saying God is a dance or a table . He cannot be contained or described but this analogy is very helpful.

    Thank you Thinus. You and Christy joy enrich my life and I’m do blest to know you both in the tapestry.

    • Thinus says:

      Thanks for the comment Katy. It means a lot to me.

      In Genesis it always struck me that God says “let Us create man in Our image…” and then “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” The wording is a bit strange, but it is from plural (us) to plural (them).

      This bring us the question, if we are created in the image of a relational God, why do we try do define ourselves as strict individuals: “I think therefore I am”.

      Anyway, I think this is a post of it’s own.

      This journey we are on is beautiful. God is better than I ever expected. We will forever be discovering Him, not because He is hiding (on the contrary, He is eager to reveal Himself), but because there is so much of Him. But we do know enough of Him to be sure that, that which is still unknown is also very very good.

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